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AD Self Service Management


Lepide Active Directory Self Service software empowers end users to take control of their account but through regulated policies as preconfigured by the system admin. This simply helps domain users to avoid repetitively calling at helpdesk or raise IT tickets and wait for endless hours to get their password reset or account unlock issues resolved.

LADSS allows end users to:

  • Perform self account unlock
  • Perform self reset password
  • Perform self information update

Self Reset Password and/or Unlock Account

Resetting forgotten passwords or unlocking accounts needs to be done at priority basis because it directly accounts to loss of productivity. Let us see the below given figure to understand the importance of the self-service in a reset password situation:

Lepide Active Directory Self Service (LADSS) helps increasing employee productivity, reducing admin workload and increasing ROI by enabling the employees to reset their password or unlock their account by themselves.

With LADSS, any enrolled employee can reset his/her password or unlock account through these means:

  • Directly from the login screen: GINA integration with LADSS allows users to unlock account/reset password directly from the login (ALT+CTRL+DEL) screen.
  • Using a web browser: Domain users can perform self-service actions from any computer within the network using a web browser
  • Authorizing a Co-worker: Authorize co-workers who can perform account unlock or reset password task on their behalf. Though the user directly doesn’t perform this task but admin involvement is avoided.

Self User Profile Management

Lepide Active Directory Self Service – Self User Profile Management software enables the employees to update their information in Active Directory in a secure manner.

With LADSS, employees do not need to make a call to the system administrator and request him to update information on their behalf. Enrolled users can login in their LADSS account and update their personal information on their own. Using LADSS to update self-information offers following benefits:

  • Organizational growth with updated information.
  • Minimizes chances of conflicts between employees and decision makers due of lack of information.
  • Reduces burden on helpdesk.
  • High level of accuracy of user information.
  • Verified user profile information from user himself.
  • Effective administration of users in an organization.

However, it is very important to ensure that only those AD attributes are being updated which if updated from the user end, won’t compromise with organizational security or lead to data conflicts. AD attributes are classified into three sections namely General, Contact, and Address. Therefore, administrators can predefine which AD attributes can be updated by the user on his/her end by opting for any of the below mentioned choices.

  • No access: The respective field won’t be displayed in self update section.
  • Read Only: The respective field can only be viewed in self update section.
  • Full Control: The respective field can be edited in self update section.

Benefits of Self Service Management:

  • Real-time solution to account unlock and password reset issues.
  • No IT tickets due to account unlock and password reset issues.
  • Avoid increased Helpdesk costs.
  • Avoid admin involvement to allow him to focus on other important tasks.
  • Self-service options empower end users to avoid downtime.
  • Better resource management, increased ROI.

All these activities so performed through LADSS are regulated by tough user validation policies that help to tighten AD security, protect critical data, eliminate unregulated access to resources, reduce IT workload, and simplify self-service procedures.

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