Track Active Directory Changes

Track all changes made in Active Directory and get complete details about the changes made through live monitoring of AD changes.

Why tracking AD changes is important?

LepideAuditor for Active Directory helps in Active Directory Tracking. But, what are the factors that give rise to the need of AD tracking:

  • A single unidentified change in Active Directory can endanger the entire organizational process risking security breaches
  • Monitoring user actions and maintaining a record of it helps in the efficient functioning of the organization and increasing overall productivity
  • Tracking user actions on a regular basis helps in meeting infrastructure management and security compliance requirements
  • Record of changes made in AD helps the administrators to stay alert about any unwanted changes and enables him to take immediate action to roll it back.

Although Active Directory is provided with some inbuilt auditing tools, but these tools are clumsy and inapt to offer centralized auditing capabilities. LepideAuditor for Active Directory (LAAD) provides a centralized platform to perform real time tracking and find "WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN" information for all changes made in Active Directory.

How LepideAuditor for Active Directory can help you track AD changes?

  • Track Multiple Domains: Track all the domains in your network from one centralized platform. Track remote domains efficiently.
  • Ad-hoc Reports: Generate and view need-based reports for AD changes effected in specified time period. Track structural changes in AD through Snapshot reporting.
  • Track User Management changes: Track all changes done to the User object along with User logon/logoff and Account locked/unlocked actions through a number of User related reports.
  • Real Time Alerts: Set real-time alerts for critical changes. Get alerts right in your mailbox for all critical AD changes to reduce detection time.
  • LiveFeed: New Feature The software displays the live feeds of the critical changes in the Active Directory. These feeds are updated continuously and are displayed on the Dashboard
  • Scheduled Reports: Track all day-to-day changes with scheduled periodic reports. Deliver AD change reports to required person outside AD environment.
  • Historical Change Tracking: Track long term AD change data for Compliance such as SOX, HIPAA, and PCI etc.

Benefits of Tracking Changes through LepideAuditor for Active Directory

  • Notice the previous and after change value of the impacted object/attribute for every change
  • Streamline the change management process by getting Who, What, When and Where information for all changes made to AD objects and policies.
  • Track critical changes instantly through email alerts and avoid downtime and outages by minimizing detection time.
  • Ensure a secure and risk-free AD environment that is conductive to high availability and business continuity.
  • Maintain Compliance with a number of industry-specific standards and regulations such as SOX, HIPAA, and PCI etc.
  • Save time, effort and cost to get complete insight on all day-to-day AD changes by avoiding going through cryptic AD logs and manual reporting.