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Tasking highly professional network personnel for resetting employees account password is neither good for the organization nor the employee. Organization could have used employees' knowledge in other works instead of asking them to do the simple but time-consuming task like resetting account password. Paying high salary to the highly professional network / help desk personnel just for resetting passwords does not make any sense, especially when employees can do this task by their own.

Lepide Active Directory Self Service software enables the employees to reset forgotten passwords with the help of co-workers. This means if an employee forgets his password, he can request his trusted co-worker for the password reset. Furthermore, the process does not take more than one minute but only an authorized employee will be able to reset password of any other employee on request. Let us see the cases in which an employee may need to ask his / her co-worker for password reset:

  • Employee has forgotten his password and while trying to remember the password, he gets a call for an urgent meeting. Before leaving for the meeting, he requested the authorized co-worker to reset his password so that he will be able to use his computer without wasting the time after returning from the meeting.
  • Employee has left for a vacation and before leaving he has given his account password to the team leader with the rights to use his computer whenever required. But, the team leader forgets the password of his account. At that time, she resets his account password from her system without calling the system administrator.

Using the LADSS software, employees can authorize their co-workers for password reset. Only the employees who are authorized for password reset can execute this task. Giving authorization to an employee for password reset is just a two-step process in LADSS software:

Benefits of Authorizing co workers for password reset

Right on-time support

Resetting password on behalf of co-worker saves time, which is considered the most essential thing for an organization. Moreover, this not only saves the time of the user but also saves the efforts of help desk. Time saved by authorizing co-workers for password reset can be utilized to perform much crucial tasks and meeting deadlines. By enabling co-workers to reset password of colleagues, LADSS plays a vital role in increasing employees' productivity, as there will be no delay in password reset.

Saving helpdesk costs

Increased password reset complaints often call for more helpdesk technicians. The reset password on behalf of co-worker feature reduces routine password reset tickets and saves helpdesk costs. Moreover, reduced password complaints enable these technicians to add value to the organizational workflow. Performing vital organization work increases sense of positive perspective amongst employees and offers growth to the technical resource of the organization.

Reduces number of critical tickets

Utilizing LADSS eliminates the major reason for raising password tickets. The increased number of critical password reset tickets is dealt with ease by in-built features like Self-password reset, Automatic password reset, and Reset password on behalf of co-worker.

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