Lepide SQL Storage Manager

Manage capacity, performance and storage space – forecast and plan future storage requirements

Lepide SQL Storage Manager is a powerful solution to analyze performance and storage structure of SQL server. It lets the administrator observe storage space and performance of all or individual instances forecast future requirements and alert him for capacity, performance and storage space issues and requirements to effectively manage space and make the most of server performance and storage capacity.

When using native SQL server management services, administrators require to write complex SQL queries and stored procedures which are not only time consuming but confusing as well. Absence of specialized solution may lead to several other serious inefficiencies:

  • Native SQL server management services lack forecasting - a must have feature for SQL server administrators to plan in advance and intimate their requirements for future well in advance.
  • Unavailability of graphical reports that are easy to comprehend and provide full insight into all the aspects of SQL server parameters through an intuitive interface.
  • Unable to provide a centralized platform to generate report for all SQL servers in the network and present a holistic view of all such resources.
  • It also lacks user friendly wizards to schedule SQL server management tasks with ease; send email alerts on need of such tasks based on specified conditions and notifications on their status.
Benefits of Using Lepide SQL Storage Manager
  • Manage Disk Space: Effectively manage and utilize disk space. Lepide SQL Storage Manager gives an overview of storage structure including space usage and availability; forecasts future database size and thus helps in planning for upcoming disk space requirements. You can also shrink database and switch objects between partitions to get more storage space out of current disk size.
  • Improve Server Performance: Boost server performance using available functionalities for defragmentation, table partitioning, object switching, reorganizing indexes, which help to attain faster scanning and data processing and enhance overall server performance.
  • Reduce Network Traffic Time: Lepide SQL Storage manager allows you to partition databases and improve their performance through defragmentation by reorganizing Heaps and Indexes. Individual performance improvement for all SQL servers in the network reduces overall network traffic time.
  • Decrease IT Budget: Reduce your overall IT budget. Better forecasting helps in preventing system crash; facility to manage databases from one central location and ease of operation reduces manpower requirements; also, database shrinking and switching objects between partitions saves storage space and network bandwidth.
  • Forecast Database and Object Space: Accurate forecasting at all levels - Servers, Databases, FileGroups, Files and Tables presents a complete picture of current and future requirements. Administrators can intimate well in advance their requirements to get proper allocation in IT budget and avoid last minute glitches.
Key Features of Lepide SQL Storage Manager
Schedule Database Defragmentation Schedule defragmentation and defrag database at right time to improve performance. Define thresholds and get automatic alerts when fragmentation level passes that threshold. Read more...
Shrink Database Shrink Database, File and FileGroups for better disk space management. It will physically shrink the size of these entities providing more space out of the same storage. Read more...
Reorganize Heaps and Indexes Improve database performance such as search and data manipulation by reorganizing indexes and heaps and matching the physical order of the leaf-level pages with logical order of the leaf nodes. Read more...
Manage Partitions Create, Switch, Alter and remove partitions from Tables and Index level without using native services to reduce database transaction time and perform query optimization. Read more...
Dashboard Reports Know storage status including details like database overview, storage usage (available and used space) and performance statistics, disk I/O rates and Instance memory and determine normal, warning and critical disk conditions. Read more...
Database File Management View total file size and unused space within Files for all FileGroups of the databases and forecast estimated time in which available file space will be used. Add, delete and move files to different location to manage available space and prepare for future storage requirements.
Real Time Alerts Get alerts on SQL server events and database performance events as per specified conditions. Get Fragmentation alerts showing status of fragmented objects (Tables, Index and Views) and decide over fragmentation requirements. Read more...
Forecast future Disk Space requirements Analyze growth rate of Databases, Filegroups, Files, and Tables to forecast their future size. Eliminate need of continuously tracking disk size and communicate well in advance future disk requirements. Read more...
Sliding Window Scenario Create Sliding Window scenario to automate the process of creating new partition for new data and avoid manual partition creation. Read more...
Schedule Jobs Schedule various jobs such as Defragmentation, Shrinking, and Sliding Window Partitioning etc. so that jobs run at right time without manual intervention. Read more...
Email Notification Get email notification on status of Jobs created through software. Verify that jobs scheduled on software have been executed or not, and take necessary actions.

Use it for Free

Download and use Lepide SQL Storage Manager directly without any limitations. Lepide SQL Storage Manager can be installed instantly without requiring any extra agents or other database objects required on the monitored servers. In addition, the tool completely supports SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2. The software is absolutely free to use for mapping storage requirements of any number of SQL Servers.

MVP Reviews
  • We have analyzed all aspects of the product, there are only limited to hint at the potential of this tool that provides a DBA all the information necessary to monitor and better manage their SQL Server instances. Sergio Govani