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Executing WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) queries for managing an entire network and moreover Active Directory structure is quite common for administrators. PowerShell and VB Scripts are the most prevalent of scripts used by developers and administrators to extract information from the Active Directory regarding the domain, user objects, GPOs and so many other AD units.

In an Active Directory domain, there are different types of groups and group scopes which determine the type of task managed by each group. Groups are the most widely adopted method of managing application and resource security in organizations these days, yet most of them do not deploy reliable group management solutions.

No doubt you can manage multiple Active Directory objects with the help of cmdlets that are contained in the Active Directory module for Windows PowerShell. These Active Directory cmdlets offer universal administrative access to AD LDS and AD DS resources and allows you to manage AD objects.

For administrators one of the biggest challenges is to keep information on the active directory database current and updated. Whether the directory service is being used in a small company or an enterprise environment, regular updation of active directory is a tasking matter. Since active directory forms the core of an organization’s information system, it becomes more important to keep the information up-to-date.

To ensure that shared files or a common database is secured from unauthorized access, administrators usually set user rights. In an Active Directory setup, user right management becomes all the more critical due to the huge amount of information available. File permissions and file right audits enable administrators to ensure that data is only accessible to valid users and not to everyone. AD user right management of files and databases, … Read more

A large scale network is often configured with complex services and customer applications in addition to the systems and end-point devices, no wonder then that the amount of event logs generated from each of these can be huge. In these situations, errors like “The event log is full” are a common phenomenon. What do you do in such conditions? is an event log management script tool which comes with Windows 2000 Resource Kit Supplement and is used to manage the Event Viewer logs of Windows 2000 based systems. This script tool can be used to perform various event log management tasks like changing properties of the event logs, backing up the log files exporting the event lists to text files, deleting all events from the logs and querying … Read more

Windows print servers and printers configured to an Active Directory service can be administered either with the help of Server management or with Printer management. While server managers are used to install the print service server roles and display print, relate events from the event viewer with the help of Active Directory print management snap-in, administration is limited only to local servers. Active Directory printer management on the other hand … Read more

LDAP or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol is a type of application protocol used for accessing and maintaining distributed directory information services over an IP network. Being a directory service, LDAP is used in organizations to store set of records in a hierarchical manner representing the physical structure of organization in a logical manner. LDAP directory service has an advantage over other type of files is that information about users and … Read more

The Active Directory database is replicated between domain controllers and the data or naming context replicated between controllers help in the updation of information. Only the changes are replicated is this process, once a domain controller has been established. A multi-master model is used during AD replication wherein, changes made on any controller are sent to all other controllers. The replication path in Active Directory forms a ring which adds … Read more

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