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In a Windows Server environment, audit policy settings define the categories of events that the server logs in the security log files of computers using which information administrators can track specific events. In an active directory all the events audited are written in the security log file

When we talk of Active Directory based reports the important topics which first comes to mind are the Active Directory configuration information, the AD operations and the disk space data. All these information are critical for administrators to diagnose network problems and execute internal

When thousands of users are configured to a network domain, it can be frustrating to manage their accounts one at a time. On a daily basis there are so many tasks that an administrators have to perform on user accounts starting from viewing and modifying user properties,

Assuming you are an Active Directory administrator and have to manage domain objects through remote administration. What are the most probable functions you perform? Searching a domain for users with specific attributes Return descriptions assigned to a specific group

Microsoft’s Active Directory users and computer snap-in allows administrators to create Exchange mailboxes for AD end users. Pre-requisite being that Exchange System Manager must be installed on every system from where administrators have to manage the Exchange Server. This is because without Exchange System Manager, administrators will not be able to view additional Exchange information.

Authentication for applications whether they be SQL Server, IIS Server, Exchange Server or Active Directory, all is controlled with the help of policies. Integrated Windows authentication forms the primary control while working on Account Policies in GPOs.

If your administrative work revolves around an Active Directory implementation, a good advice would be to revisit the existing structure to get an upgrade from the old version. The main reason being the limitations associated with them.

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