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One of the best ways to know what is happening within your organizational environment is through auditing. Windows Server 2012 Active Directory provides the option to monitor operations performed on the domain and log such information in the Event Viewer. It can log both the successful and failure operations, depending on the audit configuration. As an administrator, you can audit these logs to understand what action was performed by whom … Read more

Microsoft has significantly enhanced its cloud portfolio with the release of Windows Azure Active Directory. Available in three editions—Free, Basic, and Premium—Azure AD starts where Windows Server AD leaves off, providing identity and access management capabilities for a wide range of applications and services across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud environments. With Azure AD, administrators can centrally manage users and groups, control what information is stored in the directory, specify who … Read more

Welcome to a new world, where billions of objects are interconnected over public or private IP (Internet Protocol) networks, a virtual space where the data is regularly connected, analyzed, and used in order to initiate an action and offering a wealth of intelligence for planning, implementing, managing, and making better decisions. This is the world of Internet of Things (IoT). These “things” of the real world shall seamlessly integrate into … Read more

In the first part of this article, we created and enabled Dynamic Access control, configured claim types and also configured resource property list. In this part, we will continue with the configuration of Central Access Rule and configure Central Access Policy. Once Central Access Policy is configured, we need to create a new group policy to publish Central Access Rule and configure the shared folder with the necessary classifications. And … Read more

Not everything seems to be working right for Sony Corporation on the Cyber security front. The company has been once again attacked by the hackers and confidential company data and employees’ data has been left bare open for misuse. This particular incidence can result in massive loss for corporation, which could run into hundreds of millions. The point to note here is, if a corporation of the size of Sony … Read more

LepideAuditor for File Server (LAFS) is a one-stop solution to audit the file servers in an organization. It audits the events of all files and folders on the server, including shared folder such as access, create, delete, modify, and copy. Easy-to-use interface lets a user add the File Server, create an audit policy, create a rule, and the auditing will be started instantly. It will show every change in the … Read more

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