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  Passwords are used in many ways to protect your data, systems, and networks. Password management is significant as it safeguards your sensitive business and personal information against hacking, illicit access, and filched data.Using same password everywhere is not an acclaimed solution as it may cause trouble to your security. If a hacker has one of your password then there is a probability that he may have all your passwords. … Read more

Are you a Windows administrator in charge of the IT network of the organization? There are chances that you make mistakes on many fronts. But don’t worry. You are not alone. We here will tell you the most common mistakes that IT administrators fall prey to. 1. Not planning IT infrastructure and resources As an administrator you can ignore planning only at your own peril. You are in charge of … Read more

Security Auditing of an enterprise – whether in an extremely large organization or a smaller one is one of the most important concern pertaining to protect your confidential or private data from hackers eyes. Unauthorized file access, falsification and even deletion and modification of files & folders has become a common phenomenon in organizations where it becomes difficult to audit events, track malicious user actions & monitor illegal access.

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