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Organization’s computer systems hold sensitive information which can be conceded in various ways, like; malicious or unintentional actions, or through the failure of software or electronic components. Malicious attacks or cyber-attacks causes an immense amount of damage to organization’s integrity and security. Hacking of organization’s data through cyber-attacks are increasingly communal today. Cyber-attacks and their subsequent safety breaches are a part of swiftly growing international cyber hazard that outlays companies … Read more

Compromising Domain Controllers (DC) is equivalent to endangering the entire Active Directory. The logic behind this is simple—when an attacker gets access to the Domain Controller, he will be able to access and change everything related to the AD domain. A hacker who has got access to Domain Controllers may: cause damage to AD DS database access the security database and the information therein leak the security configuration information change … Read more

They hound you day after day, they try every trick in the book to get you on the phone and if one of these poor souls are lucky enough to get through they talk AT you like you care what they say. IT sales people more often than not are not a welcome interruption for the IT Manager. On average an IT Manager will get 12-14 calls a day from … Read more

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