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Even though there are a lot of books and papers that discuss Active Directory security, incidents of AD security breach just don’t seem to stop. What can be the reason for this? Are IT admins just not being able to grasp the tinges of AD security? Or Are they unable to adapt to the new, advanced threats that are being invented every day? Both of these could be the reasons. … Read more

Exchange Server 2016 is the 9th in the series of Exchange Servers since the launch of the first of its kind -Exchange Server 4.0 in 1996. In these 19 years that have passed since the launch of the first version, Microsoft has released new versions of Exchange at an average interval of near about 2 years, integrating new features and general improvements in each launch. What makes Exchange Server 2016 … Read more

Christmas is the ideal time to relax and switch off but unfortunately there’s no holiday from potential IT security issues at any organization. Furthermore, the absence of administrators or other staff from the IT help desk can only exacerbate the situation. So if you want to avoid Santa bringing you any nasty surprises, you need a dynamic change configuration auditing solution for server components to bulletproof your IT security system … Read more

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