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While transitioning mailboxes manually from one version of Exchange server to another, its common to get migration errors. This quick post runs through the most commonly experienced errors and will offer a few helpful hints and tips as to how to troubleshoot and resolve them. Here are a few of the most common error message you’re likely to encounter. Error: Mailbox Database Mounting Failure During message transition from one version … Read more

On a weekly basis we get asked by our prospects if we’re in ‘Gartner’! To which we reply… there isn’t a quadrant for what we do. We’re not a SIEM vendor so we don’t fit here, we’re not an IAM vendor so we don’t fit in here either. And while there are a number of competitors in our space who appear in some peripheral quadrants the fact is there simply … Read more

There are many reports of ex-employees trying to sabotage the IT assets of the organization through unauthorized accesses and misuse of data. Also, there are many instances of ex-employees using some critical data related to their past work for reference purposes (usually in their current organization or for a new job search) without being concerned about the security issues or without actually realizing them. Though no evidences are available, many … Read more

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