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There’s no doubt that attacks will continue to increase in frequency, severity and complexity. Behind the scenes, nations are fighting what appears to be a cybersecurity war. According to the president of Microsoft, North Korea was allegedly behind the WannaCry ransomware attack that temporarily brought down numerous NHS trusts. Ukraine’s security service (SBU) claim that Russia was behind NotPetya attacks which resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. … Read more

According to a recent report by Accenture, over the past 12 months, banks experienced an average of 85 serious breach attempts, with as many as 36% of banks revealing that data had been stolen. To make matters even worse, banks took an average of 59 days to spot an attack. Naturally, banks are a prime target for cyber-criminals because they offer the greatest financial reward. Below is a simple checklist … Read more

What do you consider to be the most significant risk to your company’s data security? Would it surprise you to know that the answer is more than likely your own users? Whilst many organizations spend vast sums of money securing the outer perimeter of their systems, most forget to do the same for their internal IT infrastructure. This can often lead to a scenario where users have the ability to … Read more

According to the 2017 PwC Law Firms’ Survey, the majority of UK law firms have been the victim of a cyber-attack in the past year – with almost 40% of firms reporting disruption to their business as a result. 30% of firms claim that security incidents are detected on either a weekly or monthly basis, while as many as 12% of firms detect threats every day. Law firms are a … Read more

Ever seen the crime thriller Ocean’s Eleven? If so, you’ll know all about Rusty Ryan’s (George Clooney) and Danny Ocean’s (Brad Pitt) plan to rob $150 million from the vaults of the Bellagio, MGM Grand and Mirage casinos by cleverly subverting the existing security systems. What’s the relevance to Active Directory, you may ask? Well, in some ways, you could say the security structure of a casino vault is equivalent … Read more

It’s true to say that the majority of organizations understand that Active Directory is essentially the backbone of the IT infrastructure. Despite this, we see multiple instances every day of Active Directory being misused, abused or generally neglected when it comes to best practices. In this article, we’re going to go through a few of the most common mistakes organizations make that could lead to compromised Active Directory security. Mistake … Read more

In recent years organizations have been investing a fortune in cybersecurity, but ransomware still remains as prevalent today (and maybe even more dangerous) as it has ever been. Ransomware attacks are, in essence, simple to prevent if the right security culture is in place. But, whilst organizations have implemented sophisticated security firewalls, the attitudes towards ransomware have not changed fast enough. Recent ransomware attacks Looking back at recent security breaches, … Read more

Through Active Directory, administrators can assign and enforce the security policies of the entire domain and manage them from a central location. A big part of dealing with both external and internal attacks is tracking logon activity. Most organizations need to work on increasing log on control measures and proactively tracking the logon activities of all users. However, Active Directory logon and logoff controls have some major limitations which make … Read more

Despite the presence of sophisticated IT solutions, organizations often struggle to lay the foundation for a secure IT environment. Critical Servers, including File Server, Active Directory and Office 365, are a major target for attacks and data breaches in general. Regular auditing is therefore necessary to ensure the protection of critical business data, increase security and improve service availability with minimum downtime. To the relief of many IT administrators, Microsoft … Read more

A recent study found that Office 365 is present in about 91.4% of enterprises. Despite this, getting visibility on changes made to Office 365 can be a time-consuming and frustrating task for IT admins, especially if you’re having to do it manually. This cloud-based server often stores sensitive information such as financial records, business plans, payment card numbers, Social security numbers and more. Therefore, it’s essential that you have a … Read more

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