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Every Exchange administrator will frankly admit that Exchange to Exchange/Office is a tedious task even for a seasoned administrator. Owing to the complexities involved, organizations go for Exchange migration only after detailed study and planning. LepideMigrator for Exchange (LME) is a professional tool that automates the data migration between two Exchange Servers that are located in same or different domains. It migrates data to Office 365 cloud too. Some important … Read more

The biggest hazard involved in upgrading Exchange Server in any organization is the migration of mailboxes and its contents. The process of transferring emails includes different challenges such as compatibility with the new server, incomplete migration, non-selective transfer, no option to recover corrupted mailboxes, etc. In this article, we will describe the issues in migrating emails while upgrading the Exchange Server and their resolution. Limitations of Inbuilt Tools Inbuilt tools … Read more

A hosted Exchange Server or online Exchange Server offers a number of benefits over on-premise Exchange Server deployments. As a result, a lot of companies of all sizes – small, medium and large are planning, or already in process to move to hosted Exchange Server. You can choose Microsoft Online Service as a cloud platform to position your Exchange environment onto. This service is now known as Office 365. Benefits … Read more

Server systems are the pillars of an organization’s working environment, and they should be up and running at all times, without any interruptions. If a server crashes or goes down because of an unwanted change, users will not be able to work. Such problematic changes can be a result of IT administrator’s testing of a new policy in a live environment or because of unwelcome access. , this is very … Read more

Are you using domain administrator accounts to manage Active Directory (AD) or support end-user devices? Here are some tips and best practices to help improve security and change control. It’s a common scenario. A new employee joins the IT department, and the first task is to provide them with access, often in the form of an account with domain administrator privileges. I’ve always found it somewhat curious that organizations often … Read more

Investing in securing data at rest on servers, and over-the-wire encryption is vital, but unless the devices used to access data are also effectively secured, all other efforts might be in vain. Many organizations consider their most important IT assets to be the servers that process the data that the business couldn’t operate without, employing sophisticated defenses to provide protection, including products such as LepideAuditor Suite. But ignoring basic best … Read more

IT audits are never fun, but surviving an IT audit is largely just a matter of being able to give the auditors the information that they ask for and being able to prove that you are adhering to established procedure. Of course there are many different types of IT audits and each has its own unique nuances, but there are some general best practices that tend to apply across the … Read more

LepideAuditor for File Server (LAFS) is a one-stop solution to audit the file servers in an organization. It audits the events of all files and folders on the server, including shared folder such as access, create, delete, modify, and copy. Easy-to-use interface lets a user add the File Server, create an audit policy, create a rule, and the auditing will be started instantly. It will show every change in the … Read more

Well, you may think what security risk has to do with holiday season, but there exist a correlation, read on to know how! Most of the organizations small, medium and enterprise levels invest in security still many a time they find themselves at the receiving end. The reason could be, while they could be doing a lot at one end but they tend to ignore other security risks that they … Read more

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