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LepideAuditor for File Server (LAFS) is a one-stop solution to audit the file servers in an organization. It audits the events of all files and folders on the server, including shared folder such as access, create, delete, modify, and copy. Easy-to-use interface lets a user add the File Server, create an audit policy, create a rule, and the auditing will be started instantly. It will show every change in the … Read more

The purpose of this post is to define the process to audit the successful or failed logon and logoff attempts in the network using the audit policies. “Audit Logon Events” and “Audit Account Logon Events”, meant for monitoring the logon/logoff events, are disabled by default. It is required to enable these policies manually. Before going to learn how to enable these policies, it is important to know in brief about … Read more

Android is the most widely used Operating Systems for smart devices like smartphones and tablets. Its popularity and usage to browse the World Wide Web had already surpassed that of Windows devices and computers. Seeking their popularity the IT professionals are already using the third party apps for connecting with their File Servers, taking remotes of their machines, and managing their servers. These apps are serving their purpose for which … Read more

Article Author: Peter Gubarevich (MVP – Enterprise Security), Certified Ethical Hacker Everything was just fine until yesterday. Usually, I’m managing local group membership using Active Directory Group Policies, either Restricted Groups node, or GP Preferences node. It’s quite questionable which node to choose, but anyway, Group Policy makes it easy to perform updates and enforce membership throughout a domain, and exactly fits my requirements. However, there’s another side of the … Read more

In today’s modern era of cloud computing organizations are deploying wide range of network security tools to ensure foolproof security of network. The implementation of firewalls, antivirus, Network Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS) etc. doesn’t mean that the network is fully secured. To keep any network’s security up to date it is must for administrators that they should keep analyzing the user generated, system generated, and security tools generated logs on … Read more

In today’s computing world, File Servers serve pragmatic purpose by allowing to access data through shared disk access. Workstations attached to a network can access data such as documents, files, folders, images, videos, databases, etc. through File Servers. Thus, they definitely serve as potent sources of data management. But being accessible by a wide range of users, they are equally vulnerable to organizational misuse. Therefore, dedicated File Server Auditing becomes … Read more

The importance of active directory auditing cannot be neglected in today’s world as it highlights the clear picture about how active directory is being used. Auditing for active directory reveals the truth about who has made what changes, in which object, when and from where. In addition, real-time monitoring of all changes and consistent tracking of log files help the companies including their IT Administrators to encounter the vertical dangers … Read more

What is SQL server auditing and its importance Business data needs to be maintained critically and SQL Server serves as a major database system to store all such data. Proper maintenance of SQL server is highly essential for smooth and robust performance of the server. Thus, the need to monitor them for better business management derives auditing requisites. SQL server auditing does not resolve any issue on its own but … Read more

Being central spot of network administration and security Active Directory is very much prone to security breach and fraudulent activities. For that reason, it becomes essential for IT administrators to put every possible thing into practice for protecting AD against security threats. For some, active directory might be just like any other component of the organization infrastructure, but technically it plays a crucial role in managing the organization infrastructure. Any … Read more

Lepide Software – premium enterprise level management and auditing software provider – has launched a new software application, LepideAuditor for File Server. Software is designed and developed to help organizations track and report network-wide file servers’ activities i.e. data access, permission alteration, data sharing and changes made in files and folders. LepideAuditor for File Server is an innovative and advanced auditing tool for tracking network-wide File Servers’ activities. Software also … Read more