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As organizations collect and store increasingly more information, and as IT environments become increasingly more complex and distributed, the solutions for managing dark data are becoming increasingly more relevant. According to a recent report, on average, a whopping 55% of an organization’s data is “dark”. Assuming this figure is accurate, it is understandable why many security teams and business leaders are keen to address this issue. What is Dark Data … Read more

If you want to keep your valuable digital assets beyond the reach of adversaries, you will need timely insights into how your data is being accessed and used. What is File Integrity Monitoring File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) is a technology used to keep track of changes made to privileged accounts and sensitive data. Using a File Integrity Monitoring solution will give you visibility into what changes are made, when they … Read more

A risk management framework (RMF) is a set of guidelines developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which provides a structured process that integrates information security, privacy, and risk management activities into the system development life-cycle. While the RMF was originally designed for United States federal agencies to help them comply with regulations such as the Privacy Act of 1974, the Federal Information Security Modernization Act of … Read more

As increasingly more organizations make the transition from their on-premise Active Directory environment to Azure AD and Microsoft 365, it has never been so important for them to have visibility into how their accounts and data are being accessed and used. While it is true that most reputable cloud service providers have gone to great lengths to ensure that they are able to adhere to strict security standards and comply … Read more

What is Business Email Compromise Business Email Compromise (BEC) is an email-based phishing attack where financially motivated attackers trick unsuspecting executives and employees into making payments or sending sensitive data to fraudulent accounts. Business Email Compromise can be difficult to prevent as the attackers may utilize social engineering techniques such as impersonation and intimidation to manipulate users. So, how do you detect business email compromise, and what do you do … Read more

Organizations increasingly need to collaborate and communicate with people outside their internal teams. These can be independent contractors, remote workers, vendors, clients, consultants, etc. The pandemic accelerated collaboration and automation trends in the modern workplace. One of the best platforms to facilitate communication and collaboration is Microsoft 365 and its family of applications. It is easy for the internal team to connect with people outside of the organization and work … Read more

Integrating your on-premise Active Directory with Microsoft 365 is a relatively painless task; however, those who have tried it may have noticed some inconsistencies relating to the way that security policies created in Active Directory are enforced in Microsoft 365. Things you may encounter when integrating Active Directory and Microsoft 365 security Below are some of the key things you may encounter when integrating Active Directory and Microsoft 365 security. … Read more

Passwordless authentication is a method that gives users within an organization access to systems and applications without the need of a password. With passwordless authentication, a different form of information is used to identify a user, such as biometric data or (most usually) through a registered device or token. In a lot of organizations that make use of passwordless authentication, it is often paired with multi-factor authentication and single sign-on … Read more

Timely sharing of information and files is critical for the efficiency of any organization. Whether small or big, remote or onsite, organizations must adopt file-sharing solutions that facilitate the smooth flow of work. Luckily we have many file sharing solutions that are readily available. However, with the technological advancements in file sharing and distributed teams, more and more sensitive information is shared to facilitate collaboration. It is astounding to think … Read more

Modern IT environments are a lot different from what they were fifteen or so years ago. They have become increasingly more distributed and dynamic, with employees accessing their corporate network from various locations, using various devices. This change has led to the breakdown of the traditional network perimeter, where the good guys are on the inside, and the bad guys are on the outside, trying to break in. The Zero … Read more