Event Log Monitoring

Umendra Singh
| Time 2 min read| Updated On - December 27, 2022

In modern IT systems, event logs and vent logging plays a very important role as every application, operating system, network device and system components upload their event messages in log files. Therefore, from the point of view of network management, event logging and log analysis becomes all the more critical. Event logs form the most reliable source of determining the overall health of a network.

A majority of administrators and network managers however rely on the default Microsoft utility, Windows Event Log Viewer (eventvwr.msc) which lacks some basic functionality of efficient log management systems. This platform –dependent utility comes with limited features and often provides unambiguous information through the log messages, which further poses issues during troubleshooting.

For proper logging it is essential for the tool to collect near real time data from the network devices so that administrators get accurate information about network behavior. Furthermore, a log management system should be such that helps the IT team in successful network audits and meet security compliances like HPPA, SOX, PCI and GLBA. For this, event retention property is a must so that proper log archives can be formed and easily accessed from a single database rather than from individual device logs.

Lepide Event Log Manager combines all these features into one that takes log management and log analysis to a new level. With real time log processing, this software performs tasks such as event collection in a large SQL database from end-point devices (firewalls, IDS, routers, etc.) and configured systems alike, event filtration to separate out network critical information from the normal traffic; alert generation for specific events; event retention without overwriting the old records; and report generation.

Events generated from Windows based systems and HTTP/ IIS web servers are effectively monitored so that administrators get a precise database of information crucial for network analysis and management. With Lepide Event Log Manager, network issues can be quickly resolved before they take a form of a disaster.


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