How Event Log monitoring programs work

Umendra Singh
| Time 3 min read| Updated On - December 27, 2022

The prime objective behind deploying Event Log Managers is to meet network security and compliance standards and thus simplify network administrator tasks. They help administrators with centralized and effective management of Windows and W3C event logs. An event can be interpreted in a variety of ways, based on circumstances. The default Event Viewer on Windows systems doesn’t provide any elaborate report to categorize every event specifically or takes proactive measures during infringement events. Moreover, they have to be collected from each system. Event log managers are smart software programs built specifically to centrally aid compliance and monitor security parameters.

Event Log Manager performs intrusion detection and network security reporting by monitoring the security event logs of all Windows servers and workstations in the organization. It alerts you in real-time about possible threats and attacks. Implementing network-wide monitoring with Event managers require less effort because you don’t need to install them on each computer you want to monitor. The administrator needs to install the Event Log Manager on only the host/admin computer, and then simply register all the other systems to be monitored.

They collect security events from the monitored computers and store these events normally in a Microsoft Access database or on a Microsoft SQL Server. You can preset security standards and the collected events are compared with those defined conditions. Through the comparison, the events are classified as low security, medium security, high security, or critical. You can also configure an email address to receive SMTP notifications of critical events or event report that you wish to know. Critical events are immediately sent to alert administrators of possible intrusion attempts.

There are a lot more features which make Event Log Managers a premier choice to keep network security standards intact. For each monitored computer, the administrator can customize event reports as per the needs. You can specify event-collection frequency, identify normal operating times, and specify the computer security level. Administrators can set processing rules according to their network’s specific characteristics.

Lepide Event Log Manager is a best in class event management software. It tracks and maintains compliance as per HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, and PCI compliance standards. The software helps enhancing network security by providing real-time alerts of Windows Event logs and W3C event logs. It ensures complete vigilance over the network with the help of filters, encryption, detailed reports, automatic alerts, time and query based results and online/offline tracking system. You can evaluate the software for free and check its worthy features. Free trial version can be used to manage one system for 7 days and generate one report, one alert, and one query for the same period.

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