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How Lepide Compliments Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Mike Smith
| 3 min read| Updated On - July 16, 2020

Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions help organizations to control and restrict permissions within their Active Directory. When used correctly, PAM solutions enable you to centralize privileged credentials to ensure a higher level of security around sensitive data, control access to that data and monitor suspicious behavior.

Privileged Access Management solutions on their own, however, often fall short of providing the level of security and insight required to protect data and meet compliance. Often, organizations looking to deploy PAM solutions can massively benefit from a data-centric audit and protection (DCAP) solution like Lepide Data Security Platform.

The benefit that Lepide Data Security Platform can add to a PAM project can be broken down into three areas; prior/in parallel to deployment, post deployment and in an ongoing fashion.

Prior to Deployment – Clean-Up and Assessment

Before you synchronize your PAM solution with your Active Directory, you’ll need to make sure that your AD is in a good state. If your AD is unclean, then your whole PAM project will be messy. To help you assess and clean-up your Active Directory, Lepide Data Security Platform can help you identify your inactive users/computers, troublesome accounts, legacy issues with users, passwords that never expire, over-privileged users and more.

Use Lepide Data Security Platform to help you identify these areas where you can improve the efficiency and cleanliness of your AD environment before you deploy your PAM solution.

Post Deployment – Tracking Privileged User Behavior

Once your PAM solution is up and running and you are using it to effectively control access rights, you’re going to have to ensure that you have a way of tracking the behavior of your privileged users. Some PAM solutions have user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) capabilities, but most are not advanced enough in this area to keep with the security and compliance demands of a modern organization.

Lepide Data Security Platform helps to overcome these shortfalls through detailed, proactive and continuous auditing of permissions changes and user behavior. Lepide Data Security Platform will be able to tell you whether your systems are deviating or changing in any way that could jeopardize your security. It will track your most active and your most high-risk users based on their activity and alert you of any anomalies.

Using Lepide Data Security Platform in conjunction with PAM solutions after deployment will ensure that any change control processes you have put in place are being followed and that they have not negatively affected the security of your IT environment.

Ongoing – Understanding User Behavior at Data Level

This is the final step in ensuing that your environment is secure against insider threats and that you are reducing the risk of suffering a data breach. PAM solutions will help you ensure that only the right users have access to the right data, but you will need to know more about the data at a fundamental level to be able to really ensure security.

Lepide Data Security Platform will help you understand where your sensitive data is and why it is sensitive. This is important as it will help you determine which of your users should be able to access the data. The solution will also spot trend in behavior around interactions with this data and identify excessive permissions.

If you’re looking at starting a PAM project and want to see how Lepide Data Security Platform can help compliment it, take a demo of the solution with one of our engineers.

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