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Thread: Configure SSL??

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    Configure SSL??

    How to configure SSL manually in Lepide Active Directory Self Service??

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    When you run the software, ADSS icon is created in the Task Bar.
    Right click on the icon and select Configure SSL.
    There you will find options to manually set these three options:[LIST][*]Key Store Location : In “Key Store Location”, fill “My”
    The exact location is Registry->Local Machine->Software->Microsoft->System Certificate->My->Certificate
    All you need to do is write My in Key Store Location and the software will automatically pick the certificate from here.
    [*]Common Name : The certificate is registered from localhost and so, the Common Name can be localhost.
    [*]SSL Port No. : Your SSL port number can be any, depending upon your security settings. If you get an error 404, change the port number as SSL port number used may be in use by any other application.[/LIST]

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