Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Auditing Logs 1908
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Thread: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Auditing Logs

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    Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Auditing Logs

    I want to setup Active Directory Auditing (Creation/Deletion/Password Change) and tested with a couple of test users and all the results (Creation/Deletion/Password Change) appeared on Security Logs s (4720/4726/4724) accordingly (Set Custom Filter="Anytime") and deployed in the working environment and retested
    How it can be possible ?
    Thanks in advance

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    For complete Active Directory Auditing like how many users are connected in domain
    how many users group Policy is being applied, if user is part of local administrator group / or we can remove local administrator group rights via group policy how many desktop in PC are logged in with Local Administrator Rights

    It will also include the alert for any modification ( craetion/deletion/read/Read only etc}

    Ad auditor can perform all these activities also you can restore your AD in previous state

    In case you can refer LepideAuditor for ActiveDirevtory from here also

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    Hi Piyush

    Thanks for the reply !

    I have download the LepideAuditor for Active Directory freeware edition but unable to view such reports

    waiting for your response

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    Thanks for the download of the LepideAuditor for Active Directory

    You need to activate the product for the reports, I recommend you to to download the enterprise edition of the product from our website, download link will be available on your mail which you mentioned at the time of registration do check your Spam folder as well.

    After downloading follow the below procedure to generate the log file and send it to us for activation the product.

    If you want to continue with the freeware version follow the same below procedure to activate the product just keep in mind that there are some limitations in freeware edition of the product you can check it from here also

    -> Activation Procedure for LepideAuditor for Active Directory :

    Please follow the steps below for the activation of the LOG files....

    1. Please click Domain Management and add a Server.

    2. Please click the License Information tab.

    3. Now, click on “Get Quote”.

    4. In the popup, please select “Generate License Request File”

    5. Send the Info file(saved on your Desktop) to and activation key will be sent to you as per the details filled by you.

    Do let me know if you need anything else.


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