Lepide User Password Expiration Reminder is a complete solution to contend with password expiry issues, as it keeps both the
administrator and the end user informed about password status through instant notifications and detailed reports.
Major functionality of the software are
[LIST][*]Reminds users when their password is about to expire through customizable email notifications.[*]Helps to get a bird's eye view of all expired and soon to expire user passwords across multiple domains.[*]Provides six critical reports (CSV, PDF and in HTML format) on Users whose password is soon to expire, Users whose password never expir es, Users with expired password, Recent logon failures, Password Change Reports and "Change Password at Next Logon" Users.[*]Helps to schedule and receive notifications based on various password reminder set upon OU's[*]Scheduled automatic delivery of reports on password expiration to administrators, help-desk personnel and other concerned employees as well.[/LIST]With these features and facilities, Lepide User Password Expiration Reminder assures complete control over all user password maintenance requisites