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Thread: Licensing of Active Directory Auditor

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    Licensing of Active Directory Auditor

    Do I have to generate a separate license file for each domain controller?

    As I have 4 DCs in our environment so how the licensing of the product is working ?

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    Hi Denis

    Licensing of LepideAuditor for Active Directory is based on number of enable users in your domain, first you need to add all DCs into the software then generate the license request

    There is two pricing models one is subscription model which cost you 1.29$ per user for first 1000 enabled users (you need to renew it after an year)
    The other one is perpetual model which cost you 4.99$ each for first 100 enable users
    Perpetual model is for life time you need not to renew it every year also we have huge discounts for bigger number of licences also support and maintenance is free of cost for first 6 month for perpetual license

    You can also check our pricing from the link below

    contact our sales team at , if you have further any query regarding the pricing

    We will be available round the clock to assist you in a better way
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    Thanks Piyush

    So first we need to add all 4 DCs into the software after that I should apply for the license

    It will fetch all users from our domain ?

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    Exactly Denis

    First you add all DCs then apply for license it will fetch all users from your domain

    In our next update of the software we will be adding the whole domain, then it will not require to add each DC to it.

    Our next version of AD Auditor is coming in next month most probably.

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    Thanks piyush
    Thanks for the info
    It will work and also i will be waiting for your next updated version also

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    Thanks Denis

    We will definitely give you an update as soon as it will be available

    Also further you have any query please feel free to ask


    Lepide Team

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    Hi Denis
    I would like to inform you that the upgraded version of the software is released with better functionality and minimum hassle of
    activation, Just download and run the software for trial version
    Now you can add whole domain at once irrespective of number of DCs in your Domain
    You can check the updated version from the link below

    A 15 days trial is attached with the welcome mail

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