Can't find DFSR log 1939
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Thread: Can't find DFSR log

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    Can't find DFSR log

    My main reason for using the Event Log Manager is to generate notices of certain errors in DFS Replication. On Win Server 2008 R2, the DFS Replication logs are grouped under the Applications and Services log group. There is no such log shown in the Event Log Manager configuration. Just not there under Applications and Services. There is something under the Windows Event Logs called All File Replication Service Log Events, but I am thinking this is not what I'm looking for because when I filter for certain errors, nothing is found by the Event Log Manager though I seem them in the original event logs.

    Ideas? Suggestions?

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    Hi art

    Have you configure Lepide Event log Manager with agent or without agent ?

    Try it with advanced agent then DFS Replication logs should come

    Please let me know with your findings

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