Lepide Software Pvt. Ltd. announces launch of the updated version 14.01.01 of LepideAuditor for SQL Server ? a comprehensive SQL server auditing tool. The updated version offers a Dashboard which gives graphical overview of major changes and an overview of Server and Database objects being audited. Another important addition is ability to archive data from main audit database of software and view reports on both Archive database and main database.

LepideAuditor for SQL Server Added features for second release:

1. Graphs added in dashboard
2. Operations filter added
3. User filter added
4. setting provided for records per page to show on report page
5. Setting provided for date format to show on report page and to save in the report.
6. Setting provided for Report column sorting in report view.
7. Scheduled data archiving.
8. option to Delete data from Archive and Current Database
9. Email report now option provided.
10. option to view report from archive database.
11. "Where" field added in the report.
12. Filters are provided for report viewing
12.1 multiple selection in objects filter.
12.2 who modified
12.3 where
12.4 object name
12.5 application name
12.6 owner name
12.7 database name with multiple selection.
13. control to view the script of selected item below list control.
14. Compliance reports in simple name format.
15. monitoring option at database level - option to select databases to monitor.
16. option to select the column to sort the report in the schedule report wizard.
17. added auditing for server permissions.
18. Option to send scheduled report in selected format.