How one can effectively manage users being an administrator through LADSS 291
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Thread: How one can effectively manage users being an administrator through LADSS

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    How one can effectively manage users being an administrator through LADSS

    In organizations, system administrator / help desk looks after storing and retrieving information from Active Directory. S/he needs to update information in Active Directory whenever any change is noticed in resources and services, users’ account information, and users’ personal information. Apart from updating users’ information, the system administrator / help desk also performs tasks like reset users’ password, unlocking their locked accounts, sending email notification to users’ about password reset, etc.

    The Lepide Active Directory Self Service is robust, secure, and Web-based software, which facilitates domain users to update self-information in Active Directory, self-password reset, and self-account unlock through Web console.With the Lepide Active Directory Self Service software, domain users do not need to contact the system administrator / help desk for password reset, account unlock, and information update. However, they must have privileges from the system administrator for self-password reset, selfaccount unlock, and self-information update.

    By configuring the policies, the system administrator can allow/disallow users of a particular domain to perform self-password reset, self-account unlock, and selfinformation update. The software has been embedded with the facility for domain users to take help of team members for password reset and account unlock. Once the system administrator allows domain users for self-password reset, self-account unlock, self-information update, and take help of team members, they can easily perform these functions without contacting the help desk.

    The software helps the system administrator to manage users of various domains in an organization and generate reports about the users whose accounts have been locked, whose passwords have been expired, and whose passwords are near to expiry. Moreover, the reports about the users who have unlocked their accounts, reset their passwords, and updated their information can also be generated using the Lepide Active Directory Self Service software. Based on these reports, the system administrator can send email notification to domain users about their password expiry, password reset, etc. The software also provides the facility for the system administrator to automatically reset domain users’ password and automatic unlock account on specific time interval. Following figure illustrates the architecture of the Lepide Active Directory Self Service software:

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