[FONT=Arial][SIZE=3]The Lepide Active Directory Self Service is a multi-user software i.e. many users can simultaneously take its advantage. However, a license should be purchased for each user. For example, if an organization wants its 25 employees to use the Lepide Active Directory Self Service software then the software must be purchased with 25 users’ license. However, to use the software, a domain user needs to enroll himself/herself in the software.

The Manage User tab provides you with the page that displays the total number of the users within a domain, who can take advantage of the software. First, the users to be managed, has to enroll themselves. The page also displays the number of the enrolled users and provides an option to view a list of enrolled users. A system administrator can manage several domains at a time selecting from the list of domains to manage, also Admin can delete any of the enrolled users using the Manage User page. When you select the Manage User tab, the page to manage enrolled users appears, as shown in Figure[/SIZE][/FONT]

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