When a domain user enrolls in the Lepide Active Directory Self Service software, s/he needs to answer some security questions. If a user forgets his/her password then by answering these security questions, password can be reset. But, how many number of security questions, a domain user needs to answer while enrolling in the software is decided by the system administrator. The system administrator sets the total number of the security questions by configuring the Question/Answer policy. However, to configure the Question/Answer policy, he needs to access the Question/Answer policy configuration page by clicking the Question/Answer Policy Configuration tab. When the system administrator selects the Question/Answer Policy Configuration tab, the Question/Answer policy configuration page appears, as shown in Figure

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By configuring Question/Answer policy, the system administrator sets the number of the questions that a domain user needs to answer while enrolling in the software, resetting password, or unlocking account. The system administrator can also configure Question/Answer policy to allow the domain users to define their own sets of security questions. Here the Admin needs to define the specifications for the questions and answers to meet the compliance standards.