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Thread: LepideAuditor Suite Version 15.0 launched

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    LepideAuditor Suite Version 15.0 launched

    We are very pleased to announce the launch of LepideAuditor Suite (LAS) version 15.0. The new version comes up with various new additions such as:

    [LIST][*]SharePoint Server auditing, SQL Server auditing, and Health Monitoring[*]In addition to Active Directory, LepideAuditor Suite will now create the backup snapshots periodically for Group Policy Objects to save their states. Now, users can restore the earlier captured state of any or all Group Policy Objects.[*]In new version, there are separate Dashboard Tabs for SharePoint Server and SQL Server.[*]Health Monitoring lets the users to view the live health status of Active Directory and Exchange Server and sends real-time alerts for any change in the health status.[*]State Reports for Group Policy Objects have been introduced. [*]Users can now create custom reports using any of the Group Policy Modification Reports.[/LIST]
    Please visit http://www.lepide.com/lepideauditor/ to know more.
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