Lepide Software launched an updated version 15.1 of LepideAuditor for File Server. The newly released version comprises the following key features:

[LIST][*]Effective management of NetApp Filers for auditing.[*]While adding File Servers, using ?From AD? option help you to detect and add computers for auditing from all domains in the network.[*]File Servers on which no audit rule has been applied will display the status ?No Rule Applied? (new auditing status).[*]On the right side in the Settings Console, a new option ?Update Agent? is now there in order to update all agents at once.[*]The message related to audit rule will not be displayed, if File Server is being deleted from the software.[*]Now the software verifies the administrative privileges of the users provided for agent computer and NetApp Filer.[*]You can move agent of a NetApp Filer from one location to other easily.[*]Manually changing the log-in credentials of agent computer is now possible by using Agent Properties in Settings Console.[/LIST]
To learn more about all the new features, please visit http://www.lepide.com/file-server-au...e-history.html
For further insights on LepideAuditor for File Server software features, please visit http://www.lepide.com/file-server-audit/