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Thread: Health Monitoring and Audit Reports are not appearing

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    Health Monitoring and Audit Reports are not appearing


    I am trying your software LepideAuditor Suite to audit for AD, Exchange and GPO.

    I added my domain under Settings tab. The DCs are discovered and the resolved IP addresses are rights. I also can browse OU and Object Classes.

    But in Health Monitoring I see the server as unavailable, and all the Reports are also empty.

    What is wrong?

    Many thanks!

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    Thanks for showing interest in our product and posting your query here.

    Please verify and cross check these settings while configuring the software:

    1. Check for the license, make sure it is not expired.
    2. Click on Settings Tab of the software and select the domain you are monitoring and click on Modify.
    3. In the Domain Settings verify all the credentials used. User Name here must have the administrative rights.
    4. Now select Change Collection Settings and choose the Dc’s you want to monitor. Make sure that the DC you want to monitor will not be checked in excluding list.
    5. Also make sure that the IP of DC is showing properly in Automatic Resolved IP field. If not then double click on selected DC and enter the correct IP manually.
    6. Next steps is to select the OU and Object Classes you want to monitor as per your requirement.
    7. Now you need to enter proper SQL Server credentials. If the SQL server is on same machine where the software is installed then use Windows Authentication and
    If SQL Server is on remote location then use SQL Authentication with appropriate username and password.
    8. Last steps is to create the database. You need to create the database from the software itself by just giving a new name of database here and it will be created on the
    SQL Server.

    After following these steps you will be able to get the reports and if not then check for the network connectivity.
    The DC machine must be reachable from the machine where the software is installed. Let us know if this solves the issue.


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    Thanks Syed.

    I have checked all the settings as per your advice. Everything is fine and there is no network connectivity issue in our environment.

    I also tried to reinstall the agent and it is successfully done but still reports and health monitoring are blank.

    Please suggest some more steps to resolve this.

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    If the issue still persist then please follow the steps to check for a group policy status:

    1. Open Group Policy Management Editor.
    2. Expand the nodes as follows:
    Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> Local Policies -> Security Options.

    3. Now click on Security option and check for the status of a Group Policy named:
    Audit: Force audit policy subcategory settings to override audit policy category settings

    4. If this Policy is Enabled then make it in Not-Defined state (or Disabled). After disabling it run the command gpupdate

    Hope this will work. Please let us know the status.
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    Hi Syed, Thanks it works.

    I was having that GPO Enabled and after disabling it, now software is working fine as expected.

    But would like to know why software was not working with that GPO Enabled.

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    We are glad to know that your issue has been resolved now.

    LepideAuditor Suite needs these audit policies to be enabled for working correctly and generate the reports in the software.

    1. Account Management.
    2. Detailed Tracking.
    3. DS Access.
    4. Logon/Logoff.
    5. Object Access.
    6. Policy Change.
    7. Privilege Use.
    8. System.

    In yours scenario <Audit: Force audit policy subcategory settings to override audit policy category settings> Group Policy is disabling the above mentioned audit policies, so disabling it has corrected the issue.


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