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Thread: Dynamic New Version 15.2 of LepideAuditor Suite Launched

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    Dynamic New Version 15.2 of LepideAuditor Suite Launched

    Lepide Software has launched the upgraded version 15.2 of LepideAuditor Suite with refreshed overall appearance and essential new features:

    [LIST][*]A new overall look has been given to the User Interface of the software.[/LIST][LIST][*]SQL Health Monitoring has been added with more than 10 reports.[/LIST][LIST][*][*]Enhanced look of graphs both in Graph widgets of Radar tabs and Graph View of Audit Reports.[/LIST][LIST][*][*]LepideAuditor App for Apple iOS devices has been launched and can be installed from the App Store.[/LIST][LIST][*][*]Android version of LepideAuditor App has been upgraded with a new user interface.[/LIST][LIST][*][*]LepideAuditor Suite (Web Console) has been added to enable the administrator to delegate access to Audit Reports to the Active Directory Users. The Web Console is actually a web-based Server that allows users to access it through a browser from anywhere in the network.[/LIST]
    For more features and info visit here:
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