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If you‘re thinking of migrating your Exchange and/or Office 365 environment then you‘ve come to the right place. Now, sure you can do it manually – provided you have time on your side and nerves of steel but we believe there‘s a better way. Our entire aim when we created our LepideMigrator range was to deliver the fastest, most cost effective and simplest means of migrating to and from Exchange and Office 365 – and we think we‘ve done a pretty good job – and more importantly, our customers and our MVP associates think so too.

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All types of Exchange deployment scenarios

We cover migration within all types of Exchange deployment scenarios

Supported Exchange Migration Scenario’s include:

Cross-forest Migration Intra-forest Migration Hosted/Hybrid Migration
  • We migrate both to and from Exchange 2003/ 2007/ 2010/ 2013/ 2016
  • From Exchange 2003 to 2007/2010
  • From Exchange 2007 to 2010/2013
  • From Exchange 2010 to 2013/2016
  • From Exchange 2013 to 2016
  • From any on-premises Exchange Server to Hosted Exchange Server (any version)
  • From any on-premises Exchange Server to Office 365
  • Office 365 to Office 365

Pre-migration analysis

We provide pre-migration analysis help you plan your migration

One of the biggest challenges with Exchange migration is working out the most effective method. To help overcome this we provide a pre-migration analysis feature. We ask you a few situational questions such as network speed and the number of systems you want to utilise. We gather information about the items you wish to migrate, analysing things such as item counts, mailboxes and Public Folder sizes. We then present you with a detailed summary of relevant migration scenarios.

Spread the load of migration across multiple systems

We enable you to spread the load of the migration across multiple systems

We can utilize the processing power of any networked computer to speed up the Exchange Server migration by sharing the load. This is particularly useful when carrying out larger migration projects. We can also split the migration out into stages and create a schedule to automatically run whenever suits you best. You can even specify blackout times to avoid any potential user or resource disruption.

Alerts and reports on the status of migration

We provide alerts and reports to help you track the status of the migration

We offer real time alerts either via the console or delivered to any email account you specify to keep you aware of the migration progress. These alerts will give you important summary reports showing job status, job success or job failure.

Web based reporting console

We provide a web based reporting console

Often users, other than the administrator, are interested in the Exchange migration progress but should not have access to the actual migration console. Our web console allows users with the right administrative permissions to see the exact migration status with the right details about what is being migrated, remaining tasks, options to start/stop the migration and much more.

Co-Existence Exchange Migration

We allow Exchange migration in co-existence mode

To minimize disruption, we support co-existence on changes to new and existing items such as calendar entries, invitations, schedules, contacts etc. Throughout the migration we support complete two-way synchronization from source to destination and destination to source.

Everything we migrate

We migrate everything to ensure no impact to the end user

This solution doesn‘t just migrate mailboxes and Public Folders. It migrates outlook rules/folder permissions, outlook profiles, the mailbox and Public Folder permissions along with the entire Global Address List. The user will not experience any disruption during the process.

Migrating from Exchange to Office 365

We can migrate to and from any version of Exchange or Office 365 with ease

We’re completely agnostic of Exchange versions. We can migrate any version of Exchange to any other version of Exchange. Likewise, we can migrate to and from Office 365 along with Office 365 to Office 365. Read more

Migration rollback and cleanup

We provide migration roll back

After the migration has been completed you may wish to undo specific changes. With LepideMigrator you can roll back tasks within the migration project at the click of a button.

Migrate without having to double hop

We migrate Public Folders without having to 'double hop‘

It‘s common for Public Folders to sprawl out of control both in terms of size and number of folders, and as you‘ve probably discovered Exchange Public Folder migration can be a little laborious with native tools. This is especially true if you have legacy Exchange servers where your only real option is a double hop migration. Our approach to Public Folder migration is simple and effective and we take these pains away. Read more

Multiple languages supported

We support multiple languages

We support the migration of all languages and characters, so whatever language your source and destination mailboxes are in – we will migrate them.

Kingson Jebaraj - Microsoft MVP

Kingson Jebaraj
Microsoft MVP

"With more and more organizations looking to migrate to Office 365, Lepide has designed LepideMigrator for Exchange to be an effective solution for carrying out the task quickly and easily."

Yaniv Totshvili - Exchange MVP

Yaniv Totshvili
Exchange MVP

"I believe, LepideMigrator for Exchange is one tool which I, as an Exchange Server administrator, will definitely keep with me if I have to do any Exchange migration."

Stacey Branham - Microsoft Enterprise Messaging Expert

Stacey Branham
Microsoft Enterprise Messaging Expert

"Using the Lepide Exchange Migrator makes Exchange migrations from end-to-end a breeze and I don‘t ever want to migrate without it!"

Krishna Kumar - Ex MVP

Krishna Kumar

"Migration using a ‘LepideMigrator for Exchange’ is much simpler to configure and manage than a native migration tool. It provides option to migrate the account with SID History and also copy the password from the source to target account..."

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