Simple cross forest Exchange migrations

Cross forest migrations are complex, time consuming and rarely straightforward. Just one manual entry out of sequence can cause the entire process to fail. It involves the configuration of the two-way trust between AD forests, performing a GAL sync, configuring the send connector and availability services and many other steps. Frankly, we think doing it manually is too time consuming, too prone to error and presents too many risks. To address this, we created LepideMigrator for Exchange. It’s a simple to use, cost effective and comprehensive means of automating the process of cross forest exchange migration.

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Migrating from Exchange to Office 365

We provide the ability to migrate to and from any version of Exchange or Office 365

Our Exchange migration platform is designed to work on Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 as well as Office 365.

Everything we migrate

We migrate more than just mailboxes

LepideMigrator negates the need for complex PowerShell commands or manual configuration of settings in the Exchange console. It migrates all mailboxes and much more.

  • Mailbox Properties
  • Archive mailbox migration
  • Mailbox Permissions
  • Public Folder content
  • Public Folder Permissions
  • Public Folder Properties
  • Outlook Rules
  • Outlook profile updates
  • Global Address List (GAL)

Co-Existence Exchange Migration

We support co-existence for cross forest migrations

To ensure zero downtime or disruption to your users this solution provides co-existence. It’s as simple a few clicks in the console and its done. No complex PowerShell commands or settings to alter.

We offer Cross Forest migrations

We provide cross forest Public Folder migrations

Public folder migrations can be a tricky task at the best of times. Trying to migrate Public folders in the context of a cross forest migration even more so. LepideMigrator enables you to migrate to and from any version of Exchange and/or Office 365 in a cross forest environment with ease and also does it without having to perform a double hop migration.

We migrate SID history

We also migrate SID history

Rest assured that LepideMigrator for Exchange will migrate everything to the target – this includes passwords and complete SID history.

Migrate permissions

We migrate all the permissions and rights exactly as they were

When we say everything – we mean everything. This solution also migrates all the rights, permissions, mail delivery restrictions, send as permissions exactly as they were on the source prior to migration.

Yaniv Totshvili - Exchange MVP

Yaniv Totshvili
Exchange MVP

"I believe, LepideMigrator for Exchange is one tool which I, as an Exchange Server administrator, will definitely keep with me if I have to do any Exchange migration."

Stacey Branham - Microsoft Enterprise Messaging Expert

Stacey Branham
Microsoft Enterprise Messaging Expert

"Using the Lepide Exchange Migrator makes Exchange migrations from end-to-end a breeze and I don‘t ever want to migrate without it!"

Krishna Kumar - Ex MVP

Krishna Kumar

"Migration using a ‘LepideMigrator for Exchange’ is much simpler to configure and manage than a native migration tool. It provides option to migrate the account with SID History and also copy the password from the source to target ..."

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