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The reason we purchased your software (LepideAuditor for File Server) is so we could audit track access to files and when necessary determine the type of access our users were having with specific file sets. Your software has achieved that and we are happy.

Paul Collins - Director of ICT

Australian International School, Hong Kong tracks all file accesses successfully.

Website - www.aishk.edu.hk/

Industry – Primary/Secondary Education

Location- Hong Kong

Executive Overview

Australian International School, Hong Kong is a world-class international school with high reputation. The school, established in 1995, provides high quality education to more than thousand students. The school functions based on Australian culture and values and develops students socially, intellectually, physically, ethically, and spiritually. Most of the students of the school prefer Australian universities for higher education after their schooling.

The school had many types of documents meant for different types of users. But maintaining the exclusivity of documents was really difficult. It was difficult to know if somebody else accessed these documents. Also, for shared resources, it was imperative to know who is making what changes to a document, and whether, if at all, it was required? So the school management asked the ICT to find a solution to keep an eye on all file accesses.

The school needed a solution to monitor file accesses on its file servers. They wanted to know who all have the permission to access a specific set of files. The school management also wanted to be alerted if any important file is getting modified or deleted without the knowledge of the file owner or administrator. Also, they were exploring the possibilities of getting a tool that could provide details of file access permission changes. The tool needed to be a simple one too.

How LepideAuditor for File Server solved their issue

ICT realized that a file access auditing tool is necessary for the school. They went through the details of many tools, downloaded many tools that looked impressive, and tried them on the school’s infrastructure. LepideAuditor for File Server (LAFS) was highly impressive because of its performance and user-friendliness. Also, the school felt that it has many additional features that are useful. So ICT zeroed-in on LAFS.

LAFS performed far above the expectations by providing details of all file accesses. It helped them find who accessed which files at what time from which system. The report generation and alert generation facilities of the tool were very impressive. Also, no special training sessions were needed owing to the intuitive and descriptive screens of LAFS.