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It is very helpful means of monitoring file servers in a really easy way. The audit logs are structured in a presentable format via intelligent reports.

  Saiyed Nasrul Rizvi - IT Manager

Deloitte & Touche (Middle East) chooses LepideAuditor to address their File Server auditing challenges

Website - www2.deloitte.com/xe/

Industry – Financial Services

Location - Abu Dhabi

Executive Overview

Deloitte & Touche (Middle East), a member firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited are a globally recognized provider of tax, auditing and financial advice. It has a major presence in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) with 26 offices operating in 15 countries, widely acknowledged as a Tier 1 tax advisor in the GCC region. Empowered by local and global talent the company provides financial services, enterprise risk services, and international tax services to high-profile clients in wide range of sectors and industries across the region.

Given the sensitive nature of the business, data security is of paramount importance to Delloite and Touche (Middle East). Their office in Abu Dhabi needed a simple yet comprehensive way of keeping track of access, modifications, copies and permission changes to their most critical files and folders. Being a relatively small IT team they needed to find a way of reducing the time being spent on manually auditing and monitoring file server activity. They needed a means of delivering a more proactive approach to auditing, offering real time alerts on critical changes and events. They ultimately needed to find a way to save time, increase security and reduce risk.

Deloitte found LepideAuditor for File Server simple to install and within a matter of hours they were able to see exactly what was happening across their most critical file servers. They could easily see which files were being accessed, modified, deleted or copied and also if permissions were being changed. It provided them with detailed yet easy to read reports to help them address a whole range of security and compliance challenges. It ultimately automated the process of auditing and reporting and distributed the required reports directly to the relevant people without the IT team needing to get involved. It also helped increase security through its provision of real time alerts when file and folder modifications were made.