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In a nutshell, these were questions (audit related) that may take time to answer if they could be answered at all. Now we have the answers immediately when asked.

Daniel McCann - Franklin County Information Services

Franklin County got answers to the four W’s of File Server auditing i.e. Who, What, When and Where with LepideAuditor for File Server.

Website - www.co.franklin.wa.us

Industry – Public Sector

Location - USA

Executive Overview

Franklin County – situated in delightful Eastern Washington, was established on November 28, 1883 with a mission to give the best civil and criminal legal services to the citizens of Franklin County by ensuring justice, excellence, fairness and accountability according to the laws of the State of Washington, and working to provide a safe community. Franklin County, named after Benjamin Franklin is one of the quickest growing county in the State of Washington in terms of percentage of population increase. As per the U.S. Statistics Bureau, the County has an aggregate zone of 1,265 square miles, of which 1,242 square miles is land and 23 square miles is water.

Franklin County has a file server environment with multiple shared environments. Every department of the county has their own unique file server that the entire department has access to. It happens several times that someone accidentally moves a folder or deletes a file and it becomes difficult to find it. It becomes necessary to find out who moved or deleted the file. Apart from this, Franklin County needs to review their file server environment for various businesses and legitimate necessities. The IT department at Franklin County was looking for an all-inclusive file server auditing software that can manage all their auditing requirements.

Franklin County was looking for software which can give subtle elements of each change alongside reports, demonstrate all information like who did what to which content and when this was done. Their top priority was to know who all are making unauthorized changes and also make sure that these changes (deletions) never happen again. For this, they want to get notified whenever such important resources were accessed/modified/deleted. This will not only let them track changes, but also allow them to satisfy various legal and compliance requirements.

How LepideAuditor for File Server solved their issue

To tackle the above mentioned issues, IT department of Franklin County started looking for a full-fledged File Server Auditing solution. They downloaded and tested a few applications but finally chose LepideAuditor for File Server (LAFS). After evaluating the application they had a clear and precise view that LAFS can certainly solve their problems. The instinctive, compliance specific reports, real-time alerts, and other features impressed them most and they finally purchased it and employed it in their file server environment.

This application tells them exactly who did what change to which file and when this was done. Now whenever a file or folder is moved or deleted, it sends instant alerts to the intended recipients. The Franklin County clinched that this product delivered exactly the same output that they needed.