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With informative and easy to understand reports generated by LepideAuditor for File Server, we were able to get answers to all our questions and resolve issues that were otherwise impossible to fix with any other auditing software.

Suhail Ahamad Faridi - System Administrator

LepideAuditor for File Server helped GD Research Center track their deleted files and folders

Website - www.gdresearchcenter.com

Industry – Market and Research

Location - India

Executive Overview

GD Research Center Pvt. Limited (GDRC) carry out high-end research of competitors, market, product and customer information. They have an employee base of over 800 individuals, including researchers, analysts and software professionals from distinct backgrounds. The research center is a subsidiary of GlobalData Ltd. in the United Kingdom and its operations are based out of Hyderabad.

GD Research Center Pvt. Limited were finding it difficult to track who was deleting information residing in their sensitive data files and folders. They found that native auditing methods did not provide them with the level of detail they required and was also a manual, reactive process. Recognising the importance of pro-active, continuous auditing of critical files and folders, GDRC determined that native auditing was not adequate for them.

GDRC chose LepideAuditor for File Server due to its user-friendly features and capability to easily track deleted files and folders. The solution not only automated everything for them but also generated reports that were informative and simple to understand. It provided them with real-time alert notifications sent straight to their inbox whenever any file/folder was deleted from their database. Complete data integrity was maintained during the whole process and they got clear answers to all their questions.