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LepideAuditor for File Server established enterprise level security controls within our organization, which would otherwise be impossible to do with any other solution on the market.

Brett Tristam - Systems Administrator

LepideAuditor Suite for File Server helped Mid-Western Regional Council track their deleted and modified files/folders

Website - http://www.midwestern.nsw.gov.au/

Industry – Government Administration

Location - Australia

Executive Overview

The Mid-Western Regional Council is a local government area in the Central West region of New South Wales, Australia. The Council aims to support the local economy of the mid-western region and create numerous opportunities for local businesses by working in collaboration with a considerably large number of contractors, external suppliers and businesses every year.

This Regional Council believes in working for the welfare of the society and providing a business-friendly environment, whilst working closely with new and existing SMBs and local stakeholders to promote the sustainable economic growth and development of the area.

The Mid-Western Regional Council were finding it difficult to track who was modifying and deleting their critical files and folders using native methods. They knew how critical it was to protect sensitive information residing in their files and folders, and native methods were simply not working for them. They also wanted to establish a stringent security mechanism and configure certain audit policies to give them more visibility into changes being made.

The Council chose LepideAuditor for File Server because of its intuitive user-interface, exclusive monitoring features and tracking capabilities. The solution automated everything and allowed them to easily maintain data integrity and security without the need manual intervention; saving them both time and money. They found that they were able to establish enterprise level security controls which they would never have been able to do using native auditing methods alone.