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The powerful reporting and auditing features of LepideAuditor for File Server gave us complete control and covered all of our security requirements. Now we can efficiently track disastrous changes to our files, shares, folder structures and permissions in real-time.

Nikolaos Karanikolas - IT - R.G.C.C. International GmbH

R.G.C.C created a safe and secure file server environment with LepideAuditor for File Server.

Website - www.rgcc-genlab.com

Industry – Research

Location - Greece

Executive Overview

R.G.C.C International GmbH is a leading pharmaceutical firm that specializes in the high quality analysis of circulating tumor cells as well as cancer stem cells. Offering a full range of services in the R & D industry and clinical domain, it manages to overcome restrictions involved in the analysis of CTCs (Circulating Tumor Cells) and CSCs (Circulating Stem Cells). The company follows a thorough approach in managing massive amount of data by using the most advanced and innovative technologies of molecular and cellular biology.

The company had a large number of File Servers in their IT network that possessed massive amount of data. The problem was they were unable to track user activities, file accesses and changes including reading, editing, sharing, creating, renaming, deleting, moving, etc. for all of their files, folders, permissions and shared resources. Being a leading pharmaceutical group, they wanted to create a safer and secured file server environment via real-time monitoring of all the unwanted accesses and changes done to their File Servers.

In the quest to create a safe and secure file server environment, the company wanted to implement a customizable auditing application that can create required audit policies, track all file access events and review changes done to documents present on their shared File Servers. Not just this, they needed a monitoring software that can also generate real-time alerts which can be delivered instantly through different mediums such as email, SMS, and on-screen messages.

How LepideAuditor for File Server solved their issue

The company started looking for a real-time monitoring solution that can perform streamlined auditing, filter reports based on various critical parameters and generate alerts to notify instantly about any file access events on their shared resources. To accomplish this and enhance security, they downloaded and tried many File Auditing tools and finally found that LAFS can perfectly meet all these requirements. It also can meet their regulatory compliance requirements such as PCI, GLBA, and HIPAA etc. With LAFS, their IT administrators are able to keep files and folders secure and safe while complying with all the comprehensive security auditing requirements.