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With the help of Lepide Auditor program it’s easy to monitor the user activity on the file server. Also know if any user is accessing/trying to access the restricted files.

Mahesh Kumar - IT Coordinator, Sharjah Art Foundation

Sharjah Art Foundation successfully got over the top of their File Server Environment

Website - www.sharjahart.org

Industry – Art

Location - Sharjah

Executive Overview

Sharjah Art Foundation has taken upon itself to help flourish art environment in the Gulf region by cultivating artistic opportunities and supporting and participating in regional and global cultural collaboration and Exchange programs.

Sharjah Art Foundation was established in the year 2009 to propagate the mission of Sharjah Biennial – one of the most famous and waited upon cultural events in the region. Keeping in mind the ever increasing interest of the people on the region in the matter of arts, Sharjah Art Foundation provides a broad framework to further enhance the core initiatives of the Biennial and respond to the opportunities of the world of the art.

Sharjah Art Foundation draws inspiration from the Emirate of Sharjah’s innovative role in the development of the art and culture in the Gulf region. Appreciating the distinctive contribution that arts makes to the overall wellbeing of society, Sharjah Art Foundation cultivates the spirit of research, experimentation, and excellence while acting as a catalyst to collaboration and exchange in the fields of arts within the middle-east and beyond.

Sharjah Art Foundation had around 18TB of data stored on various File Servers in the network. IT department at Sharjah Art Foundation had a hard time finding out answers to the question like who is accessing what data and from which system in the network? Who deleted a particular file? Who made the last changes to a file? etc. Not getting answer to these questions could create security issues as keeping a tab on all activities going on in the File Servers environment is imperative from security point of view.

People at the IT department of Sharjah Art Foundation were looking for a software that could provide answer to all who, what, when, and where questions related to Files and Folders’ changes on the File Servers. Besides, they were looking for a mechanism by which key stakeholders would get notified at the earliest in case any critical file or folder gets touched.

How LepideAuditor for File Server solved their issue

Taking cognizance of this requirement IT administrators at Sharjah Art Foundation started looking for a File Server auditor solution. The idea was to deploy an application which can monitor all activities going on in the File Server environment, generate real-time alerts in case of critical events and help them stay compliant to their security policy. They downloaded, tried, and tested quite a few File server auditor software and finally went for LepideAuditor for File Servers. Now with this application they can audit all their File Servers from a centralized platform and generate reports which provide complete insights into changes.