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We had entered into a quest to overcome this problem (file getting moved, deleted without our knowledge) and have found the LepideAuditor to solve the issue.

Recep Akturk - Central & System Expert

Vodasoft (CCS Vodasoft) got complete visibility of File Server changes with LepideAuditor

Website - www.vodasoft.com.tr

Industry – Outsourcing/Offshoring

Location - Turkey

About Client

Vodasoft (CCS Vodasoft), based out of Turkey, offers one of the most advanced call center outsourcing services. It offers practical, effective, values-added, result-oriented, and distinguishable service to its customers. The main areas in which the company offers its services are advanced call center training, call center setup, evaluation, strategic planning etc. The company works on the principal of 100% customer satisfaction and has also earned ISO 9001:2000 Quality Systems Certifications. It started its journey in year 2003 and since then it has grown into a large conglomerate providing a number of call center outsourcing solutions

Vodasoft has a number of File Servers in its IT network. The problem was occasionally certain files would get moved without administrators’ knowledge. Post-event analysis would sometimes reveal where the files were moved to and by whom but that was certainly not an efficient process. In the rare events, files would get deleted and it was another issue that the company was grappling with. The people in the IT department were looking for an auditing solution that could track all changes done on the File Servers.

Vodasoft was looking for a File Server auditing application that would give a top-view of their File Server environment. In order to track important changes, they wanted the auditor system to have a real-time alerting system that sends instant alerts whenever an important file is moved, modified, or deleted. Aside from that, they needed the File Server auditor to act as a management information system which can generate insightful reports on historical changes.

How Vodasoft Resolved the Issue?

After trialing a few File Server auditor systems, they finally zeroed in on LepideAuditor for File Server. It’s a centralized auditing tool which keeps them fully apprised of all changes to files and folders in the File Servers. Now, admins can configure real-time alerts so that whenever an important files is moved, modified, or deleted an instant alert is fired to all the stakeholders. This gives them full control of the file server environment contrary to the earlier times when they use to do post-event investigations as a reactive measure.