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It is the only solution we found, out of many, that is able to recognize file movement without incurring substantial investments in full-fledged SIEM solutions. It is easy to deploy, easy to configure, and easy to manage.

Philip Tan - IT Manager

Wong & Partners chooses LepideAuditor for File Server for monitoring what is happening with their files

Website - www.wongpartners.com

Industry – Law Practice

Location - Malaysia

Executive Overview

Wong & Partners, a Malaysian law firm based in Kuala Lumpur, provides solution-oriented legal services to reputable clients in Malaysia and other parts of Asia. With more than a decade’s experience in the region’s legal systems and business practices, the firm helps its clients to excel in their business without being hampered by legal issues.

Wong & Partners wanted an application (preferably a wizard) that could give precise details about file moving events, copying events and file deletion events, without significant investment. Additionally, the company wanted to be alerted when there were suspicious activities (like copying of files) on their file servers with the whole mechanism being easily manageable.

The company found it difficult to identify whether their most important files were moved or deleted when a file was found missing from its original location. In the case of deletions, the company wanted to know which files were deleted, who deleted them and when they were deleted. The Windows security logs appeared too complex and handling them manually was difficult for the company. So they required a simple solution that could inform them of file deletions and file moves in detail.

Renowned legal firm Wong & Partners identifies LepideAuditor for File Server as the most suitable solution for monitoring activities on their important files.

How LepideAuditor for File Server solved their issue

Philip Tan from Wong & Partners recalls that LepideAuditor for File Server was the only solution that allowed them to monitor all the happenings, including file movements, on their file servers. Other tools they tried were mostly SIEM solutions (Quest InTrust from Dell, EventsManager from GFI Software, and Symantec Security Information Manager are a few to name)  that required substantial initial investments. Though the company was looking for a wizard, it found LepideAuditor for File Server very suitable as it was easy to deploy, easy to configure and easy to manage. Moreover, it had an alert mechanism that could be used for sending alerts on the occurrence of critical events. The company gave a rating of 8/10 for Lepide File Server Auditor.