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Detect Insider Threats

Use LepideAuditor to spot suspicious changes to critical IT systems and data that could be the result of an insider threat and data leakage.

Prevent Privilege Abuse

Use LepideAuditor to ensure that your users have only the levels of privilege that they need in order to do their job effectively, nothing more.

Detect Ransomware Spread

Detect and prevent the spread of ransomware in your critical systems using the powerful auditing capabilities of LepideAuditor.

Detect Insider Threats

  • Detect critical changes as they take place within your servers using continuous auditing and monitoring to ensure that unwanted changes don’t go undetected
  • Identify who is logging into your systems quicker by avoiding the noise generated by the Event Viewer
  • Mitigate the risks of privilege abuse taking place by ensuring that users aren’t granted excessive levels of privilege
  • See which users are accessing critical data in real-time, allowing you to react to threats quicker
  • List all unused user and computer accounts that could be used to access critical systems and data maliciously

Prevent Privilege Abuse

  • Identify who your privileged users are and get notifications whenever critical permission changes take place with continuous tracking
  • Monitor the activities of your privileged users to spot whenever unauthorised changes take place
  • Reverse unwanted changes to mitigate the damages of privilege abuse
  • Simplify auditing and clean up inactive user and computer accounts to reduce the risks of privilege abuse taking place undetected
  • Implement a least privilege policy by ensuring that the right users have the right levels of access to the right systems and data

Detect Ransomware Spread

  • Ensure that your group policies are intact and you are notified whenever critical changes take place
  • Be aware when critical changes are being made to file names that may be the result of a ransomware attack
  • Spot when an unusual amount of changes take place over a short space of time which could indicate unauthorised activity
  • Detect when permissions are changed suddenly and without authorisation as this could indicate a ransomware attack currently taking place
  • Reverse any unwanted changes that have taken place as a result of a ransomware attack

Key Features of LepideAuditor

  • Get in-depth insights into changes being made in Active Directory, Group Policy, Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server, File Server and Office 365
  • Help prevent privilege abuse and detect ransomware spread with real-time threshold alerting
  • Keep track of changes on the go with our Mobile app (for Android and Apple devices)
  • Over 300 pre-defined reports for all manner of security, IT operations and compliance challenges
  • Securely delegate certain actions to users through our web console
  • Monitor the health of critical server to maintain system uptime
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