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Today, Lepide launched the latest version of it’s SharePoint migration solution which now includes two new Google Drive migration features. Both these features are available for migrations to single or multiple Google Drive accounts. LepideMigrator for Documents 16.3 now lets you migrate files and folders to Google Drive from CSV files. The latest version of the solution now allows for content Sharing during migrations to Google Drive (provided the email … Read more

Today, Lepide Software announced the launch of the new and improved version of Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager. Version 16.1 features two new settings that make recovering corrupted EDB files easier than ever before. The first setting lets the solution check for missing Item Fields. If found, scanning is automatically switched to Deep Scan mode. The second settings lets the solution replace the garbage values, if any in the mailbox name, … Read more

Today, Lepide launched the new version of its award winning auditing solution with multiple new reports and improved features. LepideAuditor Suite 16.4 now includes “Event Log Clear” and “Concurrent Logons” reports to give more visibility into user activity. “Event Log Clear” shows when security logs are cleared and “Concurrent Logons” displays when a user logs on to multiple computers simultaneously. “Connection Timeout” and “Query Timeout” settings have been added to … Read more

Lepide Software today announces the launch of version 16.2 of LepideMigrator for Exchange which features many exciting new features. The new version now: Enables users to migrate Public Folder permissions and properties from on-premises Exchange Servers to Office 365. Enables admins to provide the name of the User of any Exchange Server in the domain whilst specifying a User name for Exchange Migrations. Assigns the owner rights for Public Folder … Read more

Lepide today announced the launch of version 16.2 of its self-service management tool – Lepide Active Directory Self Service. The latest version offers password synchronization for Office 365 accounts with the solution to manage Office passwords from its interface. SMS gateway has also been introduced to send bulk notifications and OTP to users. Administrators can now send SMS notifications by subscribing to a SMS plan and benefit from bulk pricing. … Read more

Today Lepide launches version 16.2 of LepideMigrator for Documents with new features for file server to Google Drive migration. In this new version, users will be able to convert documents’ original format to Google format while uploading files. For example, text files can be converted to Google Docs and XLS to Google Sheet. Similarly, all the files can be converted to their respective Google Drive format. Another new feature allows … Read more

Lepide today introduced version 16.3 of LepideAuditor Suite with File Server Current Permission Reporting. This new feature shows the effective current permissions of the Shared Folders and its files and sub-folders. The solution now offers Non-Owner Mailbox Access auditing along with general auditing support for Exchange Server 2016. The new version also audits SQL Server 2016. Custom Reports have also been introduced as a part of File Server Modification Reports. … Read more

In the new version, users will get notification emails when their password is reset and when their account is unlocked. This allows users to keep a record of these events in their mailboxes. Another new feature allows users to synchronize their passwords for IBM AS400 and Google Apps applications. Read more about Lepide Active Directory Self Service Download free trial

Lepide Software has announced the release of the new version of its document migration solution – LepideMigrator for Documents 16.1. In version 16.1, few new features have been added for File Servers to Google Drive migration. Users will now be able to migrate file attributes (File Name, Description and Modified At) and even change them if required. Users will be able to ignore file path if they want to migrate … Read more

Lepide Software has announced the release of the new version of its flagship Exchange Server recovery solution – Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager. In version 16.0, users will get the option of enabling the ‘Ask for EDB version’ feature. If this checkbox is selected under settings, when adding an EDB in the source users will be able to specify the Exchange Server version of the EDB file that they are going … Read more

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