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Lepide Software launched an updated version of its flagship offering, Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager (LERM). The new version 14.05.01 now supports 64-bit editions of Outlook 2013 and Office 365. This version features the inclusion of a log viewer named “Operation Logs” to provide details and status of copying, exporting, and migrating the items. Now, users can extract attachments from any source and save them on the disk. The software now … Read more

Lepide Software has launched yet another version of LepideAuditor for Exchange Server. This new version contains an improved interface to simplify the auditing tasks and has improved speed of data collection. The major highlight of this version is the “Mailbox Access Auditing”, which is assisted with these new reports – Non-Owner Access, Owner Access, Administrator Access, and Delegated User Access reports. The software can now automatically enable the Administrator and … Read more

Lepide Software today launched the updated version of LepideAuditor for File Server. The updated version of the software features a cleaner interface for better workflow and comes with better file auditing capabilities. Three new default policy types i.e., “Audit All”, “Audit Shares Only”, “Audit all but Shares” have been introduced. Moreover, to simplify the file access tracking process, a single “objects list” has been added in place of drive, directory, … Read more

Today, Lepide Software launched the upgraded version of Lepide Exchange Reporter 13.09.01. Updated version of the software now provides three new reports-Unread Mails per Mailbox , Attachments Received from Outside Organization and Attachments sent to outside of Organization. With the addition of three new reports, the earlier “Attachments per mailbox” report has been renamed to “All attachments per mailbox”. Now user filter can be applied through CSV files to include … Read more

Lepide Software announces the launch of Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager Version 13.06.01. Updated version of the software now comes with a number of enhancements that provide the facility of adding archive mailbox for Live Exchange in both source and destination, multiple Office 365 mailboxes in destination, multiple Exchange 2013 mailboxes and Exchange 2013 public folder. Software now supports incremental and differential HP backup and thus, makes backup extraction more effective … Read more

Lepide Software Pvt. Ltd. announces the launch of LepideAuditor for Active Directory version 13.07.01. Updated version comes with enhanced GUI and more simplified functionalities. Now, you can directly add Domains to the software instead of adding individual Domain Controllers. LepideAuditor for Active Directory is now also available for free trial; trial version of the software is fully functional and can be used for the period of 15 days. Addition of … Read more

Lepide Exchange Reporter Version 13.05.01 is now available with enhanced features and better functionalities. The updated version of the software is now embedded with dashboard to give a quick overview of usage and infrastructure of organizational email system. To quickly change or select required Exchange server for viewing various reports and details, “Change Server” option has been added at top of every tab. With improved report generation speed and these … Read more

Lepide Software Pvt. Ltd. announces launch of new version of Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager. Software now allows EDB extraction from Full and Split HP backup. It also allows EDB extraction from Full CA ARCserve backup of Exchange Server 2003, 2007 and 2010. The new version displays more details of Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Distribution lists, and Journals in preview. The new version also includes some minor bug fixes related to Exchange … Read more

Lepide Software Private Limited announces the release Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager Version 13.02.01. Updated Version of the software is now available with extended support to Exchange 2013 and Outlook 2013. With available extended support to Exchange 2013, users now get the additional option to select Exchange 2013 single and multiple mailboxes as both source and destination. Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager Version 13.02.01 is also embedded with enhanced functionalities to extract … Read more

Lepide Software announces the launch of Lepide Exchange Reporter Version 12.12.01. Lepide Exchange Reporter Version 12.12.01 is now available with improved scanning speed for faster data collection and additional reports for Public Folder, Storage and Mailbox information. Software also supports Unicode characters in database and schedules name. To enhance the comprehensibility of reports, graphical representation of some of the reports has been enhanced. This new version of Lepide Exchange Reporter … Read more