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Lepide Launches LepideMigrator for Exchange 17.1

August 11, 2017, Product Update

Lepide today announced the launched of the latest version of its migration solution; LepideMigrator for Exchange 17.1, which now supports the migration of user mailboxes from Hosted Exchange to on-premises Exchange Server, Hosted Exchange, and Office 365.

Significant enhancements have been made to functionality; including now being able to generate licenses for migrating Hosted Exchange mailboxes directly from the ‘Generate License’ wizard. CSV files can now also be used to add Public Folders of Source and map them with Target Public Folders. Outlook Rules can now be migrated from Hosted Exchange to on-premises Exchange Server, another Hosted Exchange and Office 365. Similarly, rules can be migrated from Office 365 to Exchange Server, Hosted Exchange, and different Office 365.

After creating a migration job from Office 365 to any Target environment, the list of selected mailboxes is saved automatically. If another job is being created for the same Office 365, the user will be given the option to use the same list of mailboxes.

Other improvements include:

  • Mailbox can now be created while migrating from Office 365 to Exchange Server.
  • The solution now preserves the read/unread status of messages after migration at Target Exchange Server. If a message is unread at the Source, then it remains unread at the Target after the migration.

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