Events & Database Performance Alerts
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Real Time Alerts

Get informed when something needs your attention and may affect your SQL server performance and health. Set alerts for a varied range of situations and occurrences and take required initiatives on time.

Lepide SQL Storage Manager lets you manage your SQL server performance and storage smartly by generating alerts on events that may need your immediate attention. Software generates two types of alerts:

SQL Events' Alerts

Generate alerts for all or selected database of an instance. Provide error number or severity code to get informed whenever that error or situation occurs.

Database Performance Alerts

Generate alerts as per defined threshold for performance conditions. Select object and counter and set value to get informed on occurrence of an event that matches to defined criteria.

Alerts facility of Lepide SQL Storage Manager benefits the admin in various ways; some of them are:

  • Get automatic alerts when DB fragmentation level passes defined threshold.
  • No need of manually checking the fragmentation status.
  • Save time and free yourself for other important tasks.
  • Get alert through emails, net send and pager.
  • Get instant alert when a specified error takes pace and resolve concerned issue without any delay.
  • Reduce time and efforts consumption in identifying events and errors affecting server health and performance.


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