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Lepide User Behavior Analytics

Analyze interactions and system state changes around your unstructured data to identify anomalies in user and entity behavior.


Spot Anomalies and Detect Potential Threats

Audit, monitor and alert on how your users and entities are interacting with your critical data (copying/moving/modifying) and spot trends so that you can quickly react to potential threats.

Monitor Data Interactions

See how your users are interacting with your sensitive data so that you can determine whether your users are insider threats.

Detect Potential Anomalies

Improve threat detection by spotting interactions and system state changes that deviate from normal user behavior automatically.

Avoid Compliance Fines

Producing reports to satisfy auditors can be a time-consuming process. With Lepide, you can produce compliance-ready reports with a single click.

Track All Access Attempts

Determine which users are attempting to access your critical data/systems so that you can spot excessive permissions.

Alert On Anomalies

Get real time alerts when users make changes that deviate from their normal user behavior to react quicker.

Start Analyzing User Behavior and Spotting Anomalies

A fundamental step in any data-centric audit & protection strategy is to ensure you know what changes your users are making to your data and whether these changes are affecting your security. For this, you’ll need a solution like Lepide Data Security Platform, that provides permissions analysis functionality.

Automatically Spot Anomalous User Behavior In Real Time

With Lepide Data Security Platform you can identify single point anomalies to easily understand when users are doing something that is outside of normal behavior.

The UEBA section within Lepide Data Security Platform allows you to determine exactly why something has been flagged as based upon numerous factors including, time, event criticality, unusualoperation and location.

Analyze user behavior based upon a predefined learning period to accurately identify potential insider threats.

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