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Why the CISO Needs to Take a Data-Centric View on Security

April 22, 2021 2:00 PM EDT

Thousands of companies all over the world use Lepide to help prevent data breaches.

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Why the CISO Needs to Take a Data-Centric View on Security

CISOs are suffering from a major dilemma these days. With growing data breaches and excessive IT threats, the conventional approach to data protection has become ineffective. 2020 gave rise to major changes in cyber risk from targeted data breach and remote working due to COVID-19. Those breaches included attacks on some leading businesses including Twitter, Microsoft, Zoom Credential, Unacademy, Travelex, and Garmin.

So, what do CISOs need to do to improve data protection in the wake of more advanced threats?

In this webinar, we will go through some of the key challenges facing CISOs today and offer a solution in the form of Data-Centric Security. The agenda will look a little something like this:

  • The challenges facing CISOs today
  • Considering the case for encryption
  • 4 steps to implementing data-centric security
  • What this looks like in action

The webinar will run for approximately 45 minutes with time at the end for a Q&A.

Danny Murphy

Danny Murphy is the Head of Technical Delivery at Lepide, and he brings more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry into the development and support of Lepide Data Security Platform.

Phil Robinson

Phil joined Lepide in 2016 after spending most of his career in B2B marketing roles for global organizations. Over the years, Phil has strived to create a brand that is consistent, fun and in keeping with what it’s like to do business with Lepide. Phil leads a large team of marketing professionals that share a common goal; to make Lepide a dominant force in the industry.