Comprehensive Range of Change Auditing Solutions

Lepide change auditing solutions provide absolute set of tools to offer customized solution as per requirement.

Security infringement, data theft, IT mis-configuration and compliance violations are some of the issues that have bothered the IT infrastructure owners and also owners of business processes that are essentially based on IT infrastructure. Thorough auditing of entire IT infrastructure can rid you of these apprehensions. But, that requires tracking each and every change happening across all component of IT infrastructure. More specifically, you need to track and analyze changes taking place in Active Directory, File Servers, Exchange servers and other components of IT infrastructure.

Lepide Change Auditing solutions offer these exclusive benefits:
  • Track and control Active Directory changes to maintain a highly secured AD environment.
  • Get who, what, when and where information for each change being done on all file servers within the network.
  • Centralized archiving and auditing of all changes being done on all Exchange servers in the network.
  • Centrally archive, consolidate and monitor network-wide Windows and W3C event logs to be alert of critical events that may lead to security issues.
  • Configure audit settings to capture only essential event logs and avoid the clutter.
  • Schedule reports and generate alerts on specific events to remain apprised of all events in the network.